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Friday, February 11, 2011

Dragon Ball AF 3.5 Translated in English

The translated version (in English) of Dragon Ball AF 3.5 can now be found here. Thanks to LordFrz, Necrosaber and Herms!

De Engels vertaalde versie van Dragon Ball AF 3.5 kan nu hier gevonden worden. Bedankt LordFrz, Necrosaber en Herms!

La traduction anglaise de Dragon Ball AF 3.5 peut maintenant être trouvée ici. La version française est toujours ici.


  1. I can't find page 204 in the english version, could you upload it again?

  2. Hey,

    Yeah I noticed too that 204 is not included! That's because LordFrz, who released the English version, forgot to translate it. We'll need to wait for him to upload the missing page!

  3. ok ive looked everywhere can someone please tell me where the pages after 215 and onword are located at so i can download them or save them and read them! PLEASE IM BEGGING

  4. Dude, there's no pages past 215 for now. The next volume (pages 216 and further) will be released on August 12 (as stated in the release list on your left), so please be patient.

  5. i want to see next volume in DB AF :D

  6. when will the next episode bi available ?